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We, at respect your online privacy. We understand that you are here because you are in need for Tips related to Outlook, Windows, Data Recovery Software, Photo recovery, database recovery, errors you face with PST, OST errors, and so on.

We respect your privacy, which means you can visit any page on our website, for as many hours as want, and for all these, there is no subscription required and there is no login required. You need not to provide us any information like name, city, email, etc. to us.

At, we provide you tips, tricks, and solutions for several errors related to Outlook, Windows, Mac, Software, Data Recovery, OST, PST, MBOX, and more. While providing tips and solutions, we may need to provide information related to third-party software and applications, applications available within MS Windows, Mac, etc. We may also refer you to other websites for further solutions. By mentioning those website or products/software/applications of third-party companies, our only motto is to provide you a solution to your problem. That's all.


If you have subscribed for our email newsletter, we may ask you for some personal information, including Name, Email ID, etc. but that information is used solely for email subscription purposes and to send the newsletter to you. We keep this information limited to us while not sharing it elsewhere.

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We use Google Analytics to get a record of our website activity and visitors. Google Analytics is a Web Tracking Program that provides us information about user's activities like from where the users are coming on our website, how they are coming (direct, social media, search engine, etc), for how long they are available on our website, which pages they visit, etc. This information helps us to improve our website's credibility, visibility, and search engine ranking. So, the sole purpose of using Google Analytics is to improve our website's search engine visibility. There is no other mean to use Google Analytics. It does not contain any personal information.