OST to EML Converter

What is EML and How to convert OST to EML?

EML is an extension of the email message that you save on your PC using Microsoft Outlook Express or any other supported email program. The file has MIME RFC 822 standard format. The EML format saves data in the form of ASCII characters representing header, content, footer, hyperlinks, and other properties.

EML file can be opened with Microsoft Outlook Express or other such supporting email communication tool, and if you have an OST file, which you want to open with Outlook Express, then you will have to first convert OST to EML using a good converter. There is no other solution to access an OST file with Outlook Express.

Why you cannot access OST with MS Outlook Express?

OST file has been designed in such a way that it opens with the same Outlook profile using which it has been created. Even if the Outlook profile is damaged, you cannot open that OST file using any software. You will have to convert it into another format like EML, PST, etc. so that you can open it using another email program like MS Outlook Express (EML file format), etc.

When you may need to convert OST to EML?

There can be different reasons. Some of the popular and common reasons are listed below:

  • You have taken your OST file from office, but at home you are not able to access it. You have MS Outlook Express, which understands only .eml format.
  • You received an OST file from a friend or from somewhere else, but unfortunately you cannot open it unless you convert OST to EML.

Let us see the process of converting OST to EML.

How to Convert OST to EML?

The only solution and the best method to convert OST to EML is either finding a free converter or buying a paid, high-quality software that has the capability to quickly convert an OST file of any size into an EML file. The best thing is there are many tools that help you do this task with ease. Some of the products to name is OST to PST converter tool. Like this, you may find many such tools on Google or Bing. Whereas you have many options, you have to wisely choose and use the best tool only.

Tip 1: Use any tool but before that create a copy of the OST file so that in case the tool does not work well, you will have a copy of the original OST file.

Tip 2: Always the first download, install and use the free trial version of the OST to EML converter. The free trial version has all features similar to the paid version. You will be able to see the data fetched from the OST file, but to save that into an EML file you will need to buy the paid version of the software.

Process to Convert OST to EML

First of all download and install the software. After the software has been installed, launch it and select the OST file that you want to convert. Start the conversion process. Within a few minutes, you will see the data of OST file in the preview panel of the software. Now, you can save all or selected emails into an EML file, which you can access with Outlook Express.