Disable OST File

How to disable OST file? � Check out these easy steps

Do you want to disable OST file but are not aware of the process to do the same? You need not to feel tensed anymore, as the process is explained here. Perform the below steps to disable an OST file:

  • Establish synchronization between the Offline Folders and the Server Folders. You can do this by following on the below given methods:
    • Go to Tools > Send / Receive. Now, select the Folder that needs to be synchronized.
    • Go to Tools > Send / Receive. Now, click the Send/Receive All option. This will synchronize all offline folders to server folders
    • Go to Tools > Send / Receive and then select the Send/Receive Group. This will synchronize the group of folders
  • Once the synchronization is done, select Tools > Email accounts.
  • Now, click the Change existing email account followed by clicking the Next button.
  • Select Microsoft Exchange Server followed by clicking the Change button.
  • Click More Settings.
  • Click More Settings.
  • Click Offline Folder file settings.
  • Click the Disable Offline Use button.

This is how you can disable OST file. Now, change the further settings in case you had configured Outlook to work in offline mode. You can ignore the below process if you have not setup Outlook to work in offline mode. Perform the below steps to configure further settings:

  • Select Tools > Email Accounts
  • Click the Change existing Email accounts link
  • Click the Next button and then select MS Exchange Server
  • Click the Change button
  • Click the More Settings button followed by the General tab
  • Locate and select the Automatically detect connection state option

Now, you have changed the settings. As the OST file has been disabled, you can now also delete it from your computer, if required.