Convert OST to PST File

How to Convert OST to PST?

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the process of converting OST to PST so that the information stored in the OST file can be recovered.

Before, we explain the process to convert OST to PST, let us have a quick go through the situations that may lead into OST to PST conversions. You may need to convert OST to PST file under following conditions:

  • Your Exchange profile has been corrupt. In this case, the OST file associated with your profile on exchange server becomes inaccessible as well.
  • You have OST file that you want to open with MS Outlook on any other machine or with any other MS Exchange profile. OST file created using one MS Exchange profile cannot be accessed on any other MS Outlook or Exchange profile. Once you convert OST to PST, you will be able to import the PST file in any version of MS Outlook on any machine.
Let us see How to Convert OST to PST

The process described below will work only when you have not modified your MS Exchange profile or have not created a new mailbox. Perform the below steps to get data from OST file moved into a PST file:

  • Launch MS Outlook in the Offline mode.
  • Go to Tools > Services.
  • Click the Add option.
  • Now, add a Personal Folders (PST) file. You can save this file as a desired location.
  • Once the PST is created, go to Inbox and select all the messages that you want in to PST.
  • Now, select File > Copy. You will see Copy To dialog box.
  • In the Copy to dialog box, select the newly created PST file and then click the OK
  • The selected messages have copied to the newly created PST file.
  • Repeat the above steps to copy all emails and folders to the newly created PST file as per your requirements.

Now, you can copy the newly created PST and take it anywhere you want and open with any Outlook account and profile. You will have to just import this PST file in the new Outlook.

Note: As stated earlier, the process described above works only when you have not altered the MS Exchange profile. In case, you only have an orphan OST file, you will need to use a good OST to PST Converter, in order to get access to the data that had locked out in the orphan OST file.

In case, you find yourself in the situation of using Convert OST to PST software, always create a copy of the OST file so that if anything wrong happens during the conversion, you will have a usable backup.